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If you leave a five star rating, you are given the option to ‘Compliment Your Chauffeur’ where you can also add a gratuity. You can do this as soon as the journey is completed, or later by going to your Journey History.

You can pay for journeys with a credit card or a corporate credit card. Chauffeurs do not accept cash.

Fares for pickup points outside the city boundaries are based on a set out-of-city tariff. Base fare, price per mile, and minimum fare all differ from those of the regular city tariff. Please check Cities and Fares for the official city boundaries and fares.

No, any parking charges and tolls will be added separately to your final fare.

From the app menu, tap Payment, then Journey Receipts, and then set the toggle. You will then receive a pdf receipt by email after every journey.

Please contact our Customer Service team in-app by clicking on Contact Customer Service or emailing Your London Chauffeur fares are calculated automatically: if the fare is incorrect, you will be fully reimbursed.

The most likely reason is that your bank requires you to enter the CVC/CVV code for each separate online transaction. Please contact your bank to remove this restriction.

Any issues with linking a specific credit card to your account may be down to security. Credit cards must meet the following requirements: -Card number and cardholder name must be embossed, not printed. -Your card level must be Standard, Classic, or above. Your London Chauffeur does not accept Electron or Momentum cards. -The card must be issued in the same country as that of your mobile phone number.

We were unable to charge the card linked to your account. Please try again or use a different card.

Our aim is to deliver a service that is unrivalled in the industry so we offer all customers a complementary 1 hour waiting time.

Refreshments can be added per customer request and are charged at cost but must be arranged in advance.

Yes. You can ask your driver if you want to extend your time. If the driver is able to accommodate the request and there is no conflicting booking, then they will only be able to take card payments for trip extensions. The price will be depend on an individual basis.

Yes, this is possible but there will be adjustments to the cost based on the deviation from the original journey

There are no age restrictions for passengers and we have baby seat attachments. You will need to fit these yourselves, according to law.

Yes, you can either receive a call or SMS text from your driver, depending on your preference

If you can’t find your driver then please call us on: +44 (0)20 7458 4126

Unfortunately not. We operate a no smoking (including vapes and e-cigarettes) policy.

Return journeys are charged at the same rate as single journeys.

We have taken bookings as early as an hour before the journey but bear in mind it will primarily depend on your location and our availability for this to be possible. We recommend giving yourself as much time as possible and booking as soon as you can, to guarantee your allocation.

We monitor all arriving flights so if there is a major change to the arrival time, we will automatically adjust the booking accordingly and notify you by email of the change. If there are any further delays once your chauffeur has arrived in the terminal, waiting time is charged at 30 minute intervals.

Yes. We are licenced by the public carriage office as a Private Hire operator by Transport for London.You can go to the Transport For London website and check on. You can also do this with each driver that we use for bookings. As governed by Transport for London we have to be a licensed operator and that requires Public Liability insurance as well as individual passenger and car insurance for each vehicle we operate.

Yes. We are a UK VAT registered company

Every one of our cars is no more than 4 years old which means they each have been put through and meet the very latest vehicle industry safety standard requirements. And because our cars are top-of-the-range, you can be sure you are travelling in one of the safest cars on the road today.

Yes. We only require 6 hours notice for bookings within London. Please note vehicle are subject to availability.

Yes. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, all through the year.

Yes. Prices are fixed for pre-booked transfers. However, if there are any additional drop-offs, pick-ups or diversions there will be additional charges.

Yes. Please tell us the ages of the children and we’d be happy to provide child seats free of charge.

Absolutely! You will be sent the drivers details a day prior to the date of the booking. Our chauffeur(s) will contact you upon arrival at the pick-up point.

Chauffeur(s) will track all flights and will wait for you in the arrival hall (after baggage claim) with a name board.

In our Mercedes S-Class or similar vehicles, we can accommodate up to 2 suitcases, while in our Mercedes E-Class or similar, we also offer space for 2 suitcases. For larger groups or those with additional luggage needs, our Mercedes V-Class can generously accommodate up to 5 suitcases.
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